Thank you for taking the time to visit; I appreciate you taking a look at my work. Please refer to the left-side menu (or, if viewing through a mobile device, to the top menu), where you’ll find former Productions in the form of Paperwork or Production Photos, as well as Letters of Recommendation from colleagues.

IMG_2730Stage Managing: For me, Stage Managing is about maintaining a productive and pleasant work environment. Ultimately, the goal is a sellable product; while the process of getting there can be challenging at times, enjoying the time along the way creates better experiences and a greater overarching production value.  As a Stage Manager who equally values the power of the actor and the skill of the technician, I strive to give you a professional and continually organized process throughout the rehearsal period through the run of the show.

My experience as a Professional Stage Manager includes years with Actors’ Equity under these agreements: SPT, LORT, TYA, and Guest Artist agreements.  Personally, the participation in the creative process, from words and notes on the printed page to the actors embodying their roles and all that comes between, gives me fulfillment and you a quality production.

In addition to Stage Managing, I worked as Head of Props/Deck Manger for Prather Touring for several of their tours in the past 4 years. My position with them included conventional light focus, running the show deck, creating truck packs and loading trucks, and backline, as well as traditional Head of Props duties. When not working on tour or Stage Managing, I also work as a freelance technician including electrician & shop work.

Thank you for taking the time to wander through the site. Hopefully our paths will cross in the future